Breathing is the key to


Developing an accessible product for everyone


Understanding the influences of our surrounding

and our roots makes that we can create innovative designs with true meaning. Desiree is a true innovator with a passion for the human well-being.

She has a background as an interior designer and in 2015 Desiree graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her graduation project was nominated for the Rene Smeets Awards and the Keep An Eye Design Talent Grant. And in 2017 she won the Keep an Eye Design Talent Grant.

During the last years Desiree developed herself as

an all-round designer; in to practice as Strategic Designer at the Innovation Team of Philips Lighting, Strategic & Experience Designer at D/dock and as Services Design Consultant at Livework Studio. She has a fascination for environmental psychology and social behaviour and focuses on human centric design for the human well-being.

“As a designer I am always looking for the deeper layer. The right research is the base of creating good and meaningful design. It is important for me that design ads value and improve peoples life. This is why I am following my mission; To create human centric sensory experiences that help people to de-stress. At the moment I am developing a product that helps people to de-stress. More over the product you can read here. This have led to starting my own company Ambient Wellbeing.”


You can

help me

I started my company Ambient Wellbeing, a start-up. Ambient Wellbeing develops a multi sensory breathing solution that helps people to de-stress and contributes to a faster recovery of people with burnout and stress-related complaints.


Stress is everywhere and a major problem in our society. Only in The Netherlands more than 1,3 million people suffer from a burn-out every year. Covid-19 creates an even bigger pressure on mental wellbeing. A serious issue to act up on.


The traditional care system focuses 99% of the time on the symptoms, the core issue is not addressed: the disrupted breathing, that was caused due to the long period of stress. The breath is the key to relaxation and I offer that through my product in such a way that relaxation is created immediately without any effort. It is a solution free of stigma and medication and a human translation of technology.  


More about the product in specific will follow. 

However, if you want to work with me, I would like to hear from you. The product proved itself already during the first user research, the reviews of several experts and the pre-validation with biofeedback data.


I am looking for a partner that experiences the issues around stress within his / her company and is looking for ways to address this. Are you working on stress prevention or are you looking for ways that help employees with a faster and a more sustainable return to the work floor? Then let's have a talk. The creation of a better world requests

for collaboration.


Looking forward to meet you.





 "It's brilliant, this is exactly

what I'm talking about when you unwind with breathing and meditation, only it is done to you, you see it and you are literally taken in."


"You really notice it!

You feel that it is controlling

your heart rate."


“This is something that

when people can't relax,

it's just there and people

can go along with it."