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Understanding the influences of our surroundings,  behavior and our roots means that we can create innovative designs with true meaning. I am a connector and create bridges between multiple disciplines. With a background in interior design, I went onto train at Design Academy Eindhoven and evolved myself into an all-round designer with a fascination for environmental psychology and social behavior, focusing on

human-centric design.

In 2015 I graduated from the Design Academy with ‘The Future Home – A domain of the senses’, for which I was nominated for the René Smeets Award and the Keep An Eye Grant. During the Dutch Design Week of 2017, I had the honor of winning the Keep and Eye Design Talent Award.


As a designer I am always looking for the deeper layer. The right research is the basis of creating good and meaningful design. Co-creation and Design Thinking are methods I value, these methods are in my opinion only of any use when applied in a appropriate way including the essence of the right analyzes and translations. Each case, user and problem is different and therefor also request a different proces, method and or tools. The proces of design is most of the time undervalued, although here the difference is made. For me design is about adding value besides ‘being pretty’.


We are living in a period of rapid change, driven by the ongoing revolution in digital connected products and services, as well as the transition from the industrial to the knowledge age. These changes ensure complex situation to design in. 


Working at all the different layers of design, mentioned above, creates the opportunity to be a key asset. I am a typical E-shaped designer, always exploring and learning, have proven skills in various fields and I am interested in the deep knowledge. Being able to see a topic from the multiple angles ensure that new insights will be seen and linked and can be translated all in one go.


It is not my intend to be an expert within all fields, but to be a designer who is able to

talk the same ‘language’ as people from other disciplines and being able due to that capacity to build bridges between different disciplines which will result in valuable translations, designs and innovation. 






"Desiree’s passion (and strength) is to design for improving people’s lives in the public or (psychological) health related space. She is a highly creative thinker and doer that is able to bring her thoughts, co-created ideas and concepts to life in a wide variety of creative ways that spark imagination and desire. Her storytelling and visual skills are excellent and very relevant for making complicated things simple. She is a very open, reflective, intelligent and sensing personality with whom collaborating is fun and inspiring."


Wim Rampen - Managing Director Livework Studio

"Desiree’s passion and drive is creating meaningful human centric experiences. Her capabilities include (trends) research, experience design, interior design and hands-on prototyping. She is both a design-thinker and a design-doer. She is a very good presenter who can clearly communicate in an engaging way. 

Desiree is open and friendly. It is a pleasure to work with her."


Laura Taylor -  Head of Design Exploration - Signify



Design consultant

Driving innovation from a human

centred perspective.

Strategic, service, research & concept design.

2018 - 2019

Strategic & Experience designer

We create and realize interior designs and concepts that go beyond the physical and aesthetics alone. Sustainable solutions that are future-proof with a human centred focus. Our goal is to create and realize solutions that positively contribute to the performance and the wellbeing of all parties involved in a project. This we do by integrating psychological research into our concepts and by applying evidence-based design in the process.


Service design consultant

We solve complex challenges of our clients. Every client and project is different. We love learning from the people we work with and understand how the world is connected. That's why services are perfect for us. They are as complex, unique, and interesting as the people who use en deliver them. The different fields of service design we help clients with are service strategy, service innovation, service improvement and customer centric


Strategic designer

I worked in the front-end design team on innovation projects. I teamed up to conduct design research, trend research and create experience flows and customer journeys for several projects to create understanding

of the users and the context up to

concept development.

I graduated at Philips Design, Innovation Design. This was a pilot graduation, as I was the first official external graduation student from Design Academy Eindhoven.  My graduation project was ‘The Future Home –A domain of the senses’, for which I was nominated for the Renee Smeets Award and the Keep An Eye Grant.


During my time as a intern I worked on front-end innovation design projects.


Floor manager
During the 'pilot' opening of the Kazerne at the Dutch Design Week 2014 I was running the floor of the restaurants, bars and events. 


Freelance designer

During my study at the Design Academy Eindhoven I worked on several interior design and product design projects.


Man & Communication
During my study at the Design Academy Eindhoven I did a specialization in design research and

choose for the minor direction Markt.

2008 - 2010

Interior Designer

I worked on total design concepts for B2C and B2B within the high-end interior market.

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